Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Time Out, Time Out!

Last weekend, I took a day to drive out to Houston (which is 3 hours from here) where I crashed the Teen Book Con. I know I shouldn’t have been surprised about how many kids were there, but I was. Hundreds. I’m not joking. And they were not only excited about meeting the amazing authors (around 38 total) but they were also excited about writing, and especially about reading.

Yes, I’m aware that I am actually an adult, and that attending a “teen” event without being a participating author might sound somewhat creepy. But I am an author of teenage literature, so I figured it was okay to pretend I was one for a day.

And since I was in Houston, I met up with another writer friend who lives in the area. She had a hard time breaking away from her other important priorities to attend, but in the end, managed to sneak away for a few hours, and, as she said, “take her half out of the middle.”

And we both pretended to be teens for a day.

Because in the chaos of adult life, it’s sometimes difficult to remember how important it is for us to take the time away from our every day obligations in order to do something exciting and fun. Or at least something that makes us happy. (Or in my case, normal—I need a little normal right now!)  

I took a time out, and so did my friend. (Also, she brought her 14 year old daughter, so that was cool too.) And even though the event itself wasn’t all that unusual for this adult/author/person who spends lots of time with other authors, it was a very nice time out.

And a time out is always a great thing.

What about you? What are you willing to do for a time out from life? 

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