Sunday, April 7, 2013

Anyone Want to Win Free Stuff?

Oh my gosh, you guys! Look at all this awesome swag that has showed up at my house this week. 

And I’m still expecting a couple other awesome fun things. Also, I got my author copies! Aren’t they pretty? (Them, not me--this is not a good shot of me.)

So I think it’s time to do a giveaway. Yes, let’s do that!

Right now, I have tons of bookmarks, a stack of posters, and these adorable jelly bracelets which are not pictured because they’re in the other room where some family members lie sleeping. (Yes, I sometimes get the urge to post contests late at night. It happens.) But trust me, they’re fun! I think they're my favorite so far. 

I’m going to throw some of each into an envelope…actually, let’s do two. Two envelopes with bookmarks, a poster, and some jelly bracelets.

Also, I’m going to throw into the contest a digital copy of Descendant, which will be given away separately. (Will be emailed to the winner as soon as it’s available to me—which may or may not be before the release date.)

So that’s three chances to win fun stuff, including a digital copy of the book.

But that’s not all! Everyone who enters this contest, as well as everyone who entered the bookmark drop, along with everyone who enter any of the contests I host this month (April) will be entered to win a GRAND PRIZE swag pack, which will include all these things, plus other special-ordered swag, and also a printed, unbound DOODLED copy of some deleted scenes that didn’t make it into the book. *


Okey, dokey! Here is your form. You have from now until midnight, Central time on Saturday, April 13th 
to enter this contest. If you miss the deadline, no worries. You can still enter the next giveaway and be entered to win the above-mentioned prize pack when I do that drawing. I plan to run several contests this month.


You must be a blog follower and sign up on this form. Everything else is optional. Have fun and good luck!

*Grand prize will not be awarded until the beginning of May.


Donna Nolan said...

So exciting. I can't wait to read Descendant.

Amethyst said...

I'm looking forward to reading Descendant :)