Friday, March 8, 2013

Let IT Begin

And by IT, I mean launch prep.

So a few things I feel I should make public. First, I hope all my friends who are not writers (and even those who are) will forgive me for any promotional efforts that might feel excessive or over the top. I promise I will do my best to not over do it, but I think everyone has a different threshold of tolerance. I hope I don't cross yours. (But I promise not every post will be about me and/or my book. Most won't, so please do keep coming back.)

Also, be prepared for an unusual number of contests, excerpts, and mentions of reviews, etc, because that is what writers do when their first book is released. And their second. Maybe even the third. Okay, let’s face it. We do it for all of them until we become well enough known that our work promotes itself. Yeah.

Now, this is where I could use your help. 

I’d like to hear about your favorite unique promotion for a book or product. For instance, Bree Despain gave away custom nail polish that matched the covers of The Dark Divine series. Elana Johnson gave away a limited number of exclusive custom art pieces by the talented Dustin Hansen when she released Surrender.

Those are two of my favorites. Now I’d like to hear yours.

And, um, if you share an idea (not T-shirts, bookmarks, or posters) and I do something similar, you will receive the first of that type of prize for helping me out. No drawing. No tweeting or sharing or anything else required. Deal? Okay.



Donna Nolan said...

Looking at the description I would suggest flashlights (to fight the darkness), first aid kits (for healing) or the little viewfinder toys (for visions - and fun).

Tamera Westhoff said...

Image 3D does personalized viewfinders. You could give out gift cards for there. Or maybe convince Tristi Pinkston's husband (or some other family historian) to give away an hour of genealogy research. I personally like the ones where you have a huge Book Bash and for buying your book you get a ton of free ebooks!

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

I wish you the best of luck with this! Alas, my brain is dry when it comes to promoting. I'm pretty much ready to keel over from exhaustion after four books, lol. I would suggest not spending TOO much money on giveaway things because they really don't sell books, but they can be a fun way to celebrate, so definitely do something!