Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Personal Investment

And no, I’m not talking about stocks and bonds or whatever, but writer’s conferences. They all cost money. More importantly, they cost us time. As do book signings, and gatherings, and other bookish-type events.

But we go, partly because it’s necessary, and partly because the investment of our time, and often our money, is most likely to have a return. The writing profession is like one of those slow growing bonds that has potential to pay off, but might take a ridiculously long time. Or not. Depends on who you talk to.  

No two investments are the same. No two writing conferences cost the same amount of money, nor do they all run for the same amount of time. And then you have to look at what classes or discussions they offer, and other services, and what’s included, and if you’ll need to also pay for accommodations and transportation…

You get the drift, yeah? So how do you make a decision like that? Especially when, like me, you would prefer to go to everything, be involved with and support everyone, yet have limited funds or time to do so? (I still have yet to find a time-turner.)

Recently, someone kindly reminded me that it is my debut year, and that I need to make sure each thing I attend is going to be worth my investment. And she’s right. I do. These things add up. Both the cost and the time commitments. Suddenly, I have deadlines to keep and swag to buy and promotions to run.

Last week, I missed a conference I have attended for years, because it is now a long distance conference for me (when it wasn’t before), which would have included buying a plane ticket, staying in a hotel, and probably renting a car. During that same time frame, I also missed two or three other fun signing events. In May, there is another conference, another similar situation. I choose to attend that one instead. Because we can’t do everything or be everywhere, no matter how much we wish we could.

How do you choose your best investment of time and money when it comes to your career?
(Stay tuned for Friday’s post, when I will answer this question myself.)

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Stina Lindenblatt said...

I love going to conferences, but this year I'll be missing the RWA nationals. Fortunately Donald Maass is coming to my city in May. That will have to do. :D