Friday, August 31, 2012

Lucky Things and Charms and Months

The very first piece of writing I ever sold was an article to a religious children’s magazine. It was an 800 word short story written about an experience I had as a young girl. The magazine sent me an acceptance note, along with a short contract that offered a nice payment amount. That contract came in mid-September, and was a turning point for me, because it was proof to myself that I really could be a writer.

September has always been something of a lucky month for me and my family. When my husband was starting his career, his (at the time) dream job became a reality for us in September. This has also been the month when he has most received promotions and raises. It is the month when he started a life-changing training program in Quantico, Virginia.

For us, September (give or take a week or two) has been a lucky month.

I also have a lucky car. She’s an older model, with high miles, and lots of creaks and squeaks and groans, but despite all that, I adore her. I’m completely defensive of her, and I intend to keep her for a while longer. Why is she lucky? It’s where some of my best ideas have been born, where some of my big life decisions have been made, and everyone who rides in her leaves with a smile (except that one time—only once—when she acted up and tried to overheat on the way to a big book signing. But I’ve forgiven her for that).

If you follow me on Facebook, you’ve probably seen me post about the lucky treadmill at my gym, lucky pieces of jewelry I own, or even my son’s three month old bunny, whose feet are most lucky while they’re still attached to her body.

So yes, I believe certain things or places or months or days can be lucky for individuals. And lucky me, September is almost here again.

*dances in anticipation*

What about you? Do you have lucky things/ days/ months/ charms?


Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

Yeah, I adore September. It has always been a good month for me too. I have lucky things, but I'm a little superstitious, so I don't talk about them much. I'm afraid the luck will be rubbed off or something. I'm shaking my head at myself, lol.

Angie said...

I love September! We have three birthdays in one week in September, mine, my daughter's, and my husband's. It's definitely our favorite month. =)