Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Beauty of An Open Mind

When I first started writing, I had grandiose and rather naive dreams of how my newly chosen career would go. I’m sure you know them. They go something like this:

a. Write a single book in one draft.
b. Publisher falls in love with single book and offers buckets of money to publish it immediately.
c. Agents fawn over author, fighting over who gets to represent her.
d. Author makes so much money, husband can retire and together they can travel the world while the author writes more bestsellers.
e. Fans go so crazy that author has to hire personal security to follow her around.
f. Movie directors snatch up the gem and turn single book into multi-million dollar series of films.
g. Etc, etc, etc.

All right. I must admit, I wasn’t quite that disillusioned. But I won’t say I haven’t wished for similar scenarios. All authors have dreams like this. (And if you don’t, you’re either lying to yourself or crazy. Just sayin.)

But the reality is so very, very different. What’s more, each author’s journey is vastly different from that of his or her author friends/ acquaintances/ peers. In a market that offers so many levels of success, it would be impossible for two people to have the same experience.

My personal journey continues, and while I am probably still a long way from that story of wild success, I’m happy with where I am because I’ve opened my mind to all the new possibilities and levels of achievement. More, I’m learning to adjust my hopes and dreams as I discover new realities and potential I never before considered.

And I’ve come to realize that the one thing—the MOST IMPORTANT thing—is that no matter where I am in my career as an author, there will always be another level for which to reach, another skill to learn, and another book to write. The best thing I can do to ensure my own success is to learn how to keep an open heart and mind.

That, my friends, is a beautiful thing.


Carolyn V said...

lol! That's totally what I thought when I started writing. I was so wrong. But I have learned a ton from writing. ;)

Angie said...

I'm glad that you are happy where you are. I am too. I have learned that I have to be, or I'll never be happy! But it's still fun to dream big. =)

Michelle Davidson Argyle said...

It's a beautiful thing to see all the new things we can aim for. If we had it all up front, I think life would get pretty darn dull.

Nichole Giles said...

Seriously. And I think we wouldn't appreciate it for what it is, either. Great point, Michelle, thanks!

Angie, I agree. Never stop dreaming big and always aim to reach for the stars.

Carolyn, to add to what you said, I've made so many friends since I started writing. Valuable, brilliant friends I love. I wouldn't trade this experience for anything.

Thanks ladies!

Cindy Beck, author said...

Great post. I always enjoy reading your thoughts!

I suppose that in writing, as in life, it's about the journey as much as it is about arriving at a destination.