Friday, November 25, 2011

More Thankful Things

I figure I have a month’s worth of thankful statuses to catch up with, so I hope you don’t mind if I keep going for a bit. I did warn you that I have a long list, didn’t I? No? Well, consider yourselves warned.

It’s the small and simple stuff that makes life grand. So today I’m thankful for:

Twinkling Christmas lights, Little Giant ladders, and our Elves Gone Wild CD.

Online shopping, since Black Friday has turned into Black Thursday (which, IMO has gone out of control) and I have no desire to fight strangers over toys anymore. Also, special advance sales geared toward people who are prepared, and who can shop from the comfort of their bedrooms.

Free shipping!

Amazon—because they have everything, and usually at a discount.

Email. Seriously, I remember a time when I had to write letters to my long distance friends on paper and stick the paper in an envelope with a stamp, then wait days for my words to reach them. Now we can have real-time conversations via chat. Or for that matter, face-to-face ones with Skype,

Vacuum cleaners that pick up fake pine needles, dust, dirt, and sludge off my floor whenever someone walks in. Also, Clorox wipes, Awesome spray cleaner (yeah, that’s actually a brand), and melty wax cubes that make my house smell good.

My convertible Mustang, because even though it’s getting up there in miles, I continue to love driving it. (And it’s still cheaper than therapy.)

My followers, who give me a reason to write blogs every week, and who stick around and comment, even when I’m introspective or reminiscent. Or making silly lists, like this one.

Writer’s groups where I have made some amazing friends who have greatly enhanced my life. Also writer’s conferences and CON’s. Because, well, they’re amazing and fun, and great for my career plans. And the most amazing people attend them.

Take-out restaurants. Because, let’s face it. All too often this is the best way to assure the family gets fed.

Soft new flannel pajamas. Because that is my most productive writing outfit. (Now you know.)

And Chris Baty, who invented National Novel Writing Month, which thousands of authors now utilize in order to bulk up their levels of creativity to bigger, better heights. For the third year in a row, I hit 50,000 words. Yahoo!

So there you have them. My status updates that never made it to Facebook. I hope you’re having a beautiful, fun-filled Thanksgiving weekend. Oh, and if you’re out shopping, keep your eyes open and your fighting hands at the ready. And may the odds be ever in your favor.

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Stephanie Black said...

Hooray for online shopping! And congrats on finishing NaNo again!