Friday, November 11, 2011

Getting Unstuck

Just in case you’re feeling creatively blocked right now, I’d like to share a few things I do when I’m feeling unable to write or create something of beauty.

1. Journal—even if it’s about nothing, just open a blank document and spill everything that’s weighing on my mind in order to clear out the cobwebs. This is a tremendous help.

2. Drive—for me this includes music. Very often when I’m driving and listening to mood music, things come to me and I feel incredibly inspired.

3. Meditate—clear your mind and let it drift. Often this is the most productive thing you can do.

4. Clean—some of my best ideas have come when my floor is half scrubbed, or my hands submerged in a sink full of dirty dishes.

5. Shower or bathe—seriously. Because, again, the best ideas tend to come when you’re…indisposed.

6. Decide to not write and walk away from your computer with a scowl. It will most likely miss you and call you back about the time you start to feel withdrawal.

7. Accomplish other tasks that are weighing heavily on your mind. If they truly distract you, finish them so you can let them go.

8. Brainstorm with another creative minded person—for me, this is often my teenage son, who has fantastic ideas, or other writers, who are also very creative.

9. Exercise. Working out stimulates endorphins that get your creative juices flowing unlike anything else.

10. Try writing late at night or early in the morning, when your brain is either shutting down to prepare for sleep, or just waking from it. When dreamland is within reach, so is your most creative self.

I hope I’ve given you something you can use. Now, jump over that wall and get back to work.

**Also, the Dark CARMA book tour starts today. If you haven't already checked out all the awesome online events happening, stop by their blog

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Angie said...

Those are all great suggestions, Nichole. Thank you!