Monday, November 21, 2011

Apocalypse Scenarios and Being Prepared for Zombies

Last week, my oldest son and I got into a discussion about emergency preparedness. I can’t remember what got us started, but naturally, the discussion segued into extreme possibilities and possible apocalypse scenarios.

Because, well, you know. Emergency kits and food storage could be rather handy in the event the world is overtaken by zombies. And we all know that’s coming someday. Or something’s coming, anyway.

As we were trying to merge our idea of the apocalypse (as is shown in so many popular dystopian novels recently) and possible reasons for the real world to come to such extremes, this is what we came up with.

Most likely apocalypse scenarios;

1. Solar flares that scorch the portions of Earth.

2. World War III = creates a nuclear winter.

3. A rapidly spreading, highly contagious plague that eats people’s minds and bodies = real zombies.

4. Animal overlords created by science experiments gone bad (think Jurassic Park).

5. Robot overlords created by an evil hi-tech master who is then killed by his own evil robots (think Terminator).

6. Planetary realignment that flip-flop’s the earth’s poles, killing off vegetation, animal life, and changing the flow of water all over the world.

We figure knowing the possibilities will help us to plan ahead and be prepared for anything that might happen. The question is, what did we miss?


Canda said...

Amazing medical breakthrough--One injection and we can live forever, but our bodies continue to degenerate=zombies.

CL Beck, author said...

Okay, I've got it. Twinkies take over the world, and all our insides turn into creamy centers. :)