Monday, October 3, 2011

The Births of Many Books

Holy cow. In case you haven’t been paying attention, fall is one of the biggest seasons of the year for releasing new books. There are so many new books coming out this fall (or that have already been released) that I almost can’t keep track. Therefore, if I happen to miss one in the following list, please forgive me. (But do tell me so I can add it.)

Being an avid reader, I can’t help it. All of these books have gone on my to-be-read list, which is growing enormously long, but which I am slogging through as fast as I can, while also preparing outlines and character sketches for National Novel Writing Month in November (but that’s another blog altogether).

Check out the following NEW books:

Indelible (book 2 of the Yara Silva trilogy) by Lani Woodland
With a Name Like Love by Tess Hilmo
Variant by Robison Wells
Slayers by Janette Rallison
The Death Cure (book 3 in the Mazerunner series) by James Dashner
Monarch by Michelle Argyle
Shifting by Bethany Wiggins
A Beautiful Dark by Jocelyn Davies
Armor of Light (book 2 in the Wolfchild series) by Karen Hoover
Lydia by Wanda Luce
Identity by Betsy Love
No Angel by Theresa Sneed
Pride and Popularity by Jenni James
Hang Em High by Tristi Pinkston
Defenders of the Covenant by Angie Lofthouse
Bound by C.K. Bryant (11-11-11 release)
Become by Ali Cross (11-11-11 release)
Exiled by RaShelle Workman (11-11-11)
Pigments by Angela Kulig (11-11-11)
Breathe by Melanie McCullogh (11-11-11)

Yeah, I know. It’s a LONG list! But oh my goodness, you guys, I’ve read some of these already and am working my way through the list. If you’re looking for something great for the upcoming winter days when you’ll feel trapped inside due to snow and other icky weather, here you go.

Consult the list. Hope it’s helpful.

Happy October!


Carolyn V said...

Whoa! That is a ton. I'm going to be busy this fall!

Angie said...

Great list! My book is coming out this fall too. =)

Mindy said...

Awesome list! Love to get my hands on some of those.

C. K. Bryant said...

Hey, thanks for mentioning my book and adding it to such a fabulous list. I'm in good company. :-)

McRoberts clan said...

Cool list! Add me too. CindyLouhoo