Monday, September 12, 2011

Taking up the Anti-Bandwagon Banner

In case you ever wonder, no, I’m usually not a bandwagon jumper. Tempting though it may be from time to time, I have chosen to not spend my valuable writing time on blog-hop flash fiction (since I’m really more of a novelist). I am currently NOT joining a great many of my friends in the self publishing “revolution.” And I write what I do because it speaks to me—not because I think it will sell better than something else.

Don’t misunderstand, though. I am a fan of trends. Crusading bloggers? Magic steam-punk vampires? Mass self-publishing push? All great ideas. Brilliant in some aspects. And I wish all the best for those who are brave enough to take such risks and move forward on these uncharted paths. I applaud them. Admire their guts and spunk and bravado.But for now, none of these paths feels like the right one for me.

In other words, I am choosing the road less traveled by. Or maybe less recently traveled by? Or by fewer of my immediate friends, at any rate. Because it’s what I believe is best for my family and my future.

And that, my friends, is what *I hope* will make all the difference.

What recent things have you chosen to do differently from others?


Carolyn V said...

I'm doing the tradition publishing too. Because that's what I've always wanted.

I'm glad for my friends who are self publishing. I think they will be successful, but I am in the same boat as you. =)

Christine Fonseca said...

DUDE!!! I am with you. More and more of my friends have made the decision to self-publish. And I applaud their courage. And yes, for me...I am still pursuing traditional publishing. :D