Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Oh Summer, My Dear Summer

In case you haven’t noticed, June somehow morphed into August in the blink of an eye. So fast, it almost felt like we skipped right over July (which, FYI, happens to be one of my favorite months of the year). School starts again in like, two weeks.

Get this. High school sports teams (like JV/Varsity soccer, which my sophomore daughter made after an INSANE week of tryouts) have been chosen and practice started. Class schedules and predicted fees have been mailed out, and back to school shopping is in full swing (for most people).

And through it all, I keep thinking…NOOOOOOOO! Not yet. I’m not ready for summer break to be over yet. IT JUST STARTED!

But like it or not, it’s about here. I have a total of two and a half weeks left before it’s officially over for good—and one of those weeks I will spend in Reno at World CON (without my family).

One of my most favorite parts of this summer has been the times I’ve taken to visit people I don’t see often enough, just to chat, or eat treats or a meal, or see a movie. I’ve had a lot of dear friends come into town, and most of them have been able to find time to hang out for just an hour or two.

I think it’s crazy that we only make time for the funnest stuff during certain months. It’s like we’ve been preprogrammed to think we’re only allowed to enjoy ourselves between this time and this time, and the rest of the year we have to work, work, work.

Why do we do this? I propose that we all stop thinking that way and continue living the ideals of summer throughout the rest of the year. I mean, sure, okay. I’ll probably have to put the top up on my convertible about the time the first real blizzard hits Utah, but I can still meet up with my favorite people and eat soup or drink hot chocolate or cider, right? Yeah. Okay.


Still. I will have to get some work done at some point.

*hangs head*

Guess I’ll cheer myself up by stocking up on notebooks and pens. At least there’s one good thing about the end of summer. School supply sales!


Matthew MacNish said...

First day of school for my kids is tomorrow. I know.

Angie said...

Yep. I hear ya. But I'm heading to the park right now to soak up some more summer. I think I will try to keep a summer attitude all year! Have fun at Worldcon. *jealous*

Carolyn V said...

I can't believe my kids will be in school again in a couple of weeks! It's just gone by too fast.