Friday, June 10, 2011

Clichés for Kids (or Inspiration for Graduates)

Make a goal
Change your mind
Break the rules
Create new ones
Forge a path
Blaze a trail
Spread your wings
Fly for the clouds
And then…
Shoot for the stars.

And if—for some reason—you don’t reach the star for which you were aiming, that’s totally okay. There are bazillions of stars in the galaxy, and you only need to claim one. They’re all bright and colorful, and somewhere, one is waiting for you to catch it—it belongs to you, and you alone.

The only question left is which one will it be?


WindyA said...

as soon as i know the answer to this, i'll let you know. i'm still working on the catching one thing. hmm, maybe i need a new net?

Canda said...

They all sound fun, don't they? Lots of great options.

Theresa Milstein said...

Very inspirational! I'm working on it.