Monday, June 6, 2011

Anything’s Possible—Just Ask Your Idols

With the end of the school year and graduation, the beginning of summer, I’ve been thinking about futures and dreams and possibilities. The daughter of one of my dearest friends graduated last week, and as I was signing her card, I couldn’t help but think of how, next year, my son will also graduate. And then his life will begin for real.

And his life will have so. Many. Possibilities.

For that matter, so will the lives of all my kids. They really can do or be or become anything they want.

You know how adults are always saying stuff like that? I think sometimes we forget to follow through with that statement by proving it to ourselves as well as the kids in our lives.

How do we do that? By letting them watch us chase after dreams of our own, no matter how big or small. And no matter our level of success, always striving to be the best we can be. For me, this means writing, learning, submitting, trying, writing, learning, submitting…endlessly doing all these things until I find success.

It’s a long road for some of us.

Until I can show my kids that it really is possible to reach that star of my dreams, I’ll enlist the help of some of their childhood idols, who will remind them that everyone starts somewhere, and success can only be found through hard, hard work.

(In this picture, my basketball-playing daughter gets pointers from her idols, BYU players Jimmer Fridette, and Jackson Emery.)

(In this picture, same daughter and friend “Sarah” spend a few minutes with American Idol David Archuletta.)

Who do you look up to? Why?

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L.T. Elliot said...

You're so smart, Nichole. And a good mom, too.

I look up to a lot of people. One of them is my dad. He's smart. He's kind. He makes the world a better place. When I hate humanity, I spend an afternoon with him and remind myself that people LIKE him are what stave off the rest of the bad.