Monday, April 4, 2011

I'm Back! (And a Few Things I Learned in Mexico.)

Well, sort of back. I'm  home, but not at all caught up on everything I've missed. I haven't even written my blogs for the rest of this week yet.


 I even thought I did today's blog in advance, but when I checked, there wasn't one. So. Yeah. My bad.

But I did learn some stuff while I was gone, and I think I'll share them with you.

1. The current exchange rate between the Mexican Pesos and the American dollar is 12.5-$1

2. Wicker furniture is much heavier than it looks, and probably not meant to be taken outside for sleep-outs under the stars. Probably.

3. When five women go anywhere together, people take notice. It doesn't matter if you forewarned them or were accidentally way-laid due to airline misahps. They see. They remember. They take note. As in, "Oh yeah, you're the five." (Everywhere we went.)

4. Factor 15 sunscreen is not nearly strong enough, even if you reapply twice in a day. And red is not a very becoming color on me.

5. Sand dollars are extremely hard to find, but dead blow fish are everywhere. At least, in Mazatlan.

6. Just when you think you'll never see these people again, someone who knows someone you know shows up and shatters that thought to bits. As in, "I saw your wife and some other women booking it through the Houston airport, pulling pink suitcases, and wearing sandals. Very entertaining. Quite comical. Did they actually make it?" (Missed it by eight minutes, dude. Doh!)

7. Telling a Mexican merchant you're not going to buy something sparkly is like issuing a challenge, which might result in a standoff that ends in the use of a credit card or the rest of your cash.

8. Even in Mexico, when you tell people you're from Utah, they have to ask, "So, is this a sister-wives trip?" or "Do you all have the same husband?" And man, they're serious. (REALLY? We're really good friends, but not that kind of good.)

9. Just because the cell phone company offers you an international plan doesn't mean you'll actually get a signal where you're going.

10. When you end up stranded overnight in a city you didn't plan on visiting, with no luggage, Continental airlines gives you a little bag with a toothbrush, comb, and deodorant. "Thanks for flying with us. Please accept this valuable gift in lieu of a missed day at the beach. We hope you'll fly again soon!"

Yeah, I'm sure there's more. But it's way past my bed time. Hopefully, I'll be back on track by Wednesday. Good to see you all, my friends!

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