Monday, March 14, 2011

March Monday Randomness

1. Thanks to the appearance of the sun, I’ve been thinking about life and spring and new babies. I drove around with my convertible top down for three out of the seven days this week. Well, okay, actually, I put the top down for a short amount of time, got cold, then put it back up. But it was still really nice.

2. The new baby thoughts come with my itty-bitty new nephew, who was born six weeks early, but thanks to modern medicine is doing very well. He’s the tiniest little person I’ve ever, ever seen. It’s miraculous to think that someone that small can breathe on his own and open his eyes and be alert. Just. Amazing. Can’t wait to hold him.

3. This weekend, I got the bug to clean out my closet. Not only is it purging to thin out the junk, but it’s so much fun to find stuff I forgot I had or that’s been “lost” for a while. Like a mini treasure hunt. I wonder if I can live in my closet and ignore the rest of my house, which is also in desperate need of thorough cleaning. No? Dang.

4. I got something in the mail on Friday. It made me very happy. In May, it might make you very happy, too. Coolest. Prize. Ever. Pay attention, ya’ll. This super-sekrit-giveaway is going to be EPIC. (No, I’m not telling you what it is. Yet.)

5. In January, I made a sort-of goal to read approximately a book a week this year (in addition to writing and critiquing and being the mom and living my life). So far, I’m keeping up with that. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. I have fantastic taste in books. And I read fast. Tonight I’ll finish Brenna Yavanoff’s The Replacement, and holy scary/beautiful/amazing/thought-provoking. #booklove peeps. Seriously.

So. How was your weekend?


Carolyn V said...

I love it when the sun decides to show up! But now I need more of it!

franklycreative said...

My husband and I wanted to take his convertable out with the top down, but I chickened out. I'm not as brave as you. I'm a weanie when it comes to the cold. (And, hey, thanks for entering my blog contest).