Friday, February 4, 2011

A Post of Randomness (Not about love--for once)

1. Last weekend I was watching the SAG awards on TV. I was struck by how different every one of those actors looks. Yeah, I know. Life isn’t all about how people look, but in that profession, look actually matters. Okay, so my profession is totally different. But it made me think. Do I look like an author? Does anyone? For that matter, what do authors look like?

2. Also, I wonder why that statue guy they give out at the SAG’s doesn’t wear any clothes. Neither does the giant one they show in every segue. And why are they all male? Not that I’m complaining, but seriously, how about some clothing and a little equality? #Kthxbai. (Translation: Okay, thanks. Goodbye.)

3. Speaking of actors, my kids don’t know what a Smurf is. Or who is Rainbow Brite, or He-man or She-ra. I think they’ve actually heard of the Care Bears, but it’s been years. YEARS. They’re so spoiled with high-tech, fast-paced animations that they’d probably be completely bored by my old favorites. I sometimes wish their lives could be so innocent as those cartoons.

4. My family is newly addicted to The Game of Things. It’s like, the funnest board game I’ve played in years. Buy it, try it, love it. You’ll laugh your tail off, and your teens will want to stay home and play it instead of going out with their friends. It’s that fun. That is all.

5. My new favorite song is by Pink, and part of the title is Perfect. Great song. LOVE the clean version of it. But it begs to be asked. Why, why, why would she make an explicit version, that can never be played on the radio, or as a music video, or as a theme to any book, movie, or life and offer ONLY the bad version of it on the album? Also, why is the cleaner version not just titled Perfect? Why put the bleeped out bad word in the title? It doesn’t really make a statement, it just deters people from listening. Really. You can use the language if you want, but why cut down your fan base? Off my soapbox now.

Here's the clean version if you're curious:

That is all the randomness for today. Be sure to stop by on Monday to find out what’s on my mind next time.


Christine Fonseca said...

Totally with you on the Pink song! Happy Friday

Shari said...

Writers look like real people and they are more normal than regular people. Just my opinion, though.

C. K. Bryant said...

What a powerful video. Needed to see that today. Thanks.

Jemi Fraser said...

She's such a talented lady - it's too bad she feels the need to make such a fuss about the language.