Wednesday, December 29, 2010

That Will Do

Tis the season to make resolutions, and I—like probably ninety percent of the people in the world—find myself thinking on what I’d like to do, or accomplish in the following year.

The thing is, I’m not one of those people who writes down my goals. Really, I’m more of a decide-what-you-want-to-accomplish-then-keep-it-firmly-in-mind kind of girl. The method works for me, you know? At least, with the big stuff. Write a book, check. Edit a book (like, 25 times) check. Travel, check, check. That kind of thing.

But every year, as the beginning of another one approaches, I find myself wondering if I should consider making an actual list. Detailed. One that includes smaller things like organizing my house and my time, phone calls I should make more often, the little things that seem less important in the long run, but that would most likely make my life easier, thus, enabling more of my personal happiness.

Except I never actually do that. Maybe I will this year. Or not. Either way, all the above things are in my plans, along with sending out a minimum of 150 queries (or alternately finding an agent—whichever comes first), finishing the edit of my NaNo project along with two other manuscripts, and also finishing two more rough drafts.Read the equivalent of a book a week.

And spend oodles of time with my family. Cheer for my kids at basketball, soccer, art and music. Hang out with my honey.

Can I do all that in one year? Yeah. If I’m determined enough, I really can.

Hey, look at that? A blog post that evolved into a sort of list of resolutions. Whaddayaknow. That’ll do, pig. That’ll do.

What do you resolve to do in 2011?


Shari said...

Three things:

I so thought of Shrek when I saw your blog title.

Your list makes me very tired.

I have no resolutions, per se. I am simply planning to keep moving. It would be nice to sell a manuscript, though.

kbrebes said...

I like your goal of reading a book a week. I always follow Spencer W. Kimball's priority list when I make goals: spiritual well being (read scripts daily), physical well being (eat healthy and exercise daily), family (hold family council, prayer, script, and FHE [adding more date nights this year!]), occupation (write and edit one book, work on tutoring biz), and church (temple and vt once a month, calling). Sound boring? Maybe, but if all that's in place, then the fun comes more easily. {Side note: SWK had church and then occupation, but current prophets have switched the two!} Happy New Year, Nichole. Eat chocolate. It's a mufa!

WindyA said...

your blog title made me giggle because i totally thought of that little pig movie Babe. Lol!