Monday, December 6, 2010

Mega-Awesome, Totally Fabulous, I *Heart* Followers Contest (Part III)

In case you thought I was finished giving stuff away, you are soooo wrong. Because it’s December and I’m in a giving-type mood. That’s right people. Let’s do this one more time, shall we? I still have that stamped copy of MOCKING JAY. If you think you might be interested in this fantabulous prize (because seriously, stamped, signed—really, it was still handled and done by Suzanne Collins, I have proof) raise your hands.

Wait. I can’t see your raised hand through the computer. Hm. What to do?

Got it!


First, become a follower (see the top portion of my sidebar to the right of your screen). Considering that this contest is a Follower appreciation event, I think it’s fair to require everyone who wants to enter to be one of those followers I’m appreciating, right? Right. Okay.


Next, leave a comment on any of my many random and amazing (or not-so-amazing) posts. I don’t care which one. You don’t even have to read it, per-se. Just click on the comment section and say hi, and I’ll be happy. (+1)

Third, Facebook (+1), tweet (+1), or blog (+1) this contest so all your friends can enter too. It’s not required, but if you do it just to be nice, I’ll give you an extra entry for each thing. If you tweet, include me @nicholegiles, and I’ll come follow you. Same with FB. We can be friends! **New addition** I know there are a lot of people who will be interested in this particular prize, so if you FB or Tweet this contest more than once, up to three times a day (each) I'll give you an entry for each one of those, per day. Just be sure to come back and fill out the form with all entries before the deadline.


After all that, fill out this form. This is a requirement. Don’t worry, it’s easy. See, the thing is, if you don’t fill it out, your name won’t be on the spreadsheet from which the names will be randomly selected (using a random generator). That is a definite problem when it comes to you wanting to win. But I promise to never use the information for anything other than this contest. Deal? Great.

If you entered to win the signed copy of LEVIATHAN, or the Eclipse bling package, those entries are still valid, so you have triple the opportunity to win! (No need to do anything else, I have all but the single winning entries already tallied!)

So, there’s MOCKING JAY, which I know you’re dying to own. (Yeah, the stamp did smear some--but the signature portion is still awesome.)

But ALSO, I’m going to throw in a tote bag from the Library of Congress sponsored National Book Festival, where this book was stamped. Because it’s just cool.

The contest starts right now, and will run until midnight on Friday, December 17th (notice this runs a little longer than my other contests). I’ll post the final winner on Monday, Dec 20th. (**US shipping only.)

Okay. Good luck! Ready? Set? Go!


Karlene said...

I had to borrow a copy of Mockingjay to read it. I'd sooooo love to win it!

Janet Johnson said...

You must have gotten to the National Book Festival early to get the stamp. Very cool! I was much too late.

Shari said...

Awesome giveaway! It was good seeing you Saturday.

lotusgirl said...

I already have this book so no need to enter me in the contest. It looks like a fun line to wait in. I wonder if stamping is going to become a trend. I've never seen that before.

WindyA said...

dude, i am so entering ... except i have to do all that, you know ... other stuff first. so i'll be back! and just because i haven't read hunger games yet doesn't mean i can't own a piece of history, right???

ali said...

YOU are cool Nichole! ♥

Elana Johnson said...


Jenni Elyse said...

Thanks for hosting such an awesome give-away!

Chelsea and John said...

Just dropping by to say hi.... "HI!" Hopefully you realize this is @caliclia on Twitter :) Haven't seen this book but I'm always loving to add to my collection. Thanks for being awesome and so supportive.