Monday, November 29, 2010

Mega-Awesome, Totally Fabulous, I *Heart* Followers Contest (Part II)

Here I go again! I bet you thought I’d forgotten about my promise for awesome giveaways this month, didn’t you? (Sorry about taking last week off—couldn’t be helped.) As mentioned before, I have some awesome stuff to give away. So raise your hand if you would like to win some free stuff.

Wait. I can’t see your raised hand through the computer. Hm. What to do?

Got it!


First, become a follower (see the top portion of my sidebar to the right of your screen). Considering that this contest is a Follower appreciation event, I think it’s fair to require everyone who wants to enter to be one of those followers I’m appreciating, right? Right. Okay. (+1)


Next, leave a comment on any of my many random and amazing (or not-so-amazing) posts. I don’t care which one. You don’t even have to read it, per-se. Just click on the comment section and say hi, and I’ll be happy. (+1)

Third, Facebook (+1), tweet (+1), or blog (+1) this contest so all your friends can enter too. It’s not required, but if you do it just to be nice, I’ll give you an extra entry for each thing. (If you tweet, include me @nicholegiles, and I’ll come follow you. Same with FB. We can be friends!)


After all that, fill out the following form. This is a requirement. Don’t worry, it’s easy. See, the thing is, if you don’t fill it out, your name won’t be on the spreadsheet from which the names will be randomly selected (using a random generator). That is a definite problem when it comes to you wanting to win. But I promise to never use the information for anything other than this contest. Deal? Great.

*Surprise BONUS*

For those followers who entered my LEVIATHAN contest two weeks ago, I’m keeping all entries except the winning one. (Sorry, Stephanie, it’s only fair. Your other entries will count though!) This means that if you enter this one, you have double the chance to win.

In celebration for the release of Eclipse, I’m giving away a Team Edward charm bracelet:

As well as a Team Jacob cell phone charm:

The contest starts right now, and will run until midnight on Saturday, December 4th, and then on Monday the 6th, I’ll post the winner and the next contest. (**US shipping only.)

Okay. Good luck! Ready? Set? Go!


Elizabeth Morgan said...

This is so exciting.

ali said...

Hi! And FUN!

Alden said...

While I wouldn't use any of these myself, they would make great gifts!

C. K. Bryant said...

Fun Stuff! You always have the best contests.

Angie said...

Cool! Hope you get lots of entries.

L.T. Elliot said...

Sounds awesomesauce! Hope you had a wonderful, safe Thanksgiving!

G. Parker said...

I'm always up for a contest!!! Pick me! ;)

Renae W. Mackley said...

Congrats on winning NaNo! Contests are fun, too!

Frank Cole said...

What up Nichole! I can't believe I just entered a contest to win some twilight jewelry. But I did.

Krista said...

Great contest! I just came to follow you so BONUS. Thanks!