Monday, July 5, 2010

A Week of Wonders

Wonder #1: Will she survive?

This was not my favorite thing that happened last week. It wasn’t me! It was my teenage son (yes, he’s fine). Neither of us will be driving her for a while, because, well, she’s in intensive care (it's worse than it looks). But a good friend reminded me she’s Ford Tough. Which is encouraging. Being that she’s American made, my baby can take it. I think. Either way, this week I seem to need therapy more than most others.

Wonder #2: What was Enterprise thinking?

Instead of my gorgeous Mustang, I’m driving this. It has manual windows and locks—who even makes those anymore? Why? It isn’t therapeutic to drive, but gets me from place to place, which is the point, I guess. Anyway, it goes.

Wonder #3: Why don’t I go to movies more often?

Taking my two youngest kids to see this was very therapeutic. I hear shirtless wolf-packs have a tendency to aid in healing a broken heart (you know, because my car is in critical condition and all). Vampires are also helpful from time to time. Just sayin.

Wonder #4: How to explain a child’s important question?

I laughed out loud in the movie during a certain scene in which Charlie and Bella are having an uncomfortable chat. This is what happened:

Mr. Monkey (9 years old): Mom, what’s a virgin?

Me: Uh…Um…

Him: Is that someone from Virginia?

Me: Uh, Yep. That’s right. Now watch the movie.

Him: Oh, that’s what I thought.

*wiping a bead of sweat from my brow* Crisis temporarily averted. More serious discussion plans are underway.

Wonder #5: How do we celebrate Independence Day and do it justice?

Eating brownies topped with home-made ice cream and strawberries, while sitting on the driveway watching the city fireworks show on our right, a really great neighborhood fireworks show (which, BTW was better than the one done by the city—someone with pyrotechnic training and a permit) on the left, and a whole slew of random really awesome fireworks not far away, while the kids use sparklers to light their own fireworks in the street.

Wonder #6: How did I get so lucky to live in this fantastic country?

Someone upstairs must be watching out for me, that’s for sure.

Happy birthday, America!

*singing* “Oh, say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave? O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave.


ali said...

Oh so sorry about your flashy red baby! And that blue usurper? So not cool.

But the rest of your week sounded awesome Nichole!

Nicole said...

I did not know about the crash, that sucks. I saw on Facebook about the movie conversation and Matt and I had a good laugh about it.

L.T. Elliot said...

I'm so sorry about your beautiful car. =[ I hope she'll be back and driving your beautiful self in no time!

Happy 4th to you!

ali said...

Oh Nichole! I've given you an award!

Sheralyn said...

Enterprise: We'll pick you up! (with a POJ)