Friday, June 4, 2010

Bloggy Love

Have you ever seen the movie Julie and Julia? If not, you probably should. Because since you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously either a blogger, a blog reader, a stalling author, or all of the above. And the movie is all about a blogger.

Well, okay. A gourmet cook and a blogger. They go hand in hand. Sort of.

Anyway, there’s this scene where Julie’s sitting in her cubical at work, and she sneaks a peek at her blog and then jumps up out of her chair, yelling, “I have a comment!” Then she clicks on it, realizes it’s from her mother, and decides it doesn’t count. With a sigh, she flops back down in her chair, looking dejected.

Dude. That is so truly how bloggers feel about their blogs!

I mean, we’re writers, okay. And writers have this deeply ingrained need to know that someone—anyone—reads our stuff, even if it’s just blog posts. Just because someone clicks on the page doesn’t mean they read what we wrote, you know? Comments are like validation of the best kind.

Well, comments and followers. Some days it’s a toss up. But you get my point, right?

Consider all the tons of free stuff we give away. We do it to be nice, yes, and because we think it’s fun, but mostly, it’s selfish. We want readers, people! And we’re willing to spend all kinds of money we’ll never get back to reel you in. We want to know you’re out there and that you’re reading. We want that validation that tells us we’re not just thinking through our fingers and that someone actually got something out of our work as bloggers and writers.

In other words, we need to be loved.

So if you’re out there, and you’re reading regularly but not following or commenting, we—the bloggers of the world—would like to know why. Don’t you love us enough to tell us hi?

*Sniffs dramatically*

*Fakes a sob*

*peeks through fingers to see if the ploy worked*

Carry on.

*Remembers shameless self promotion plug*

Oh, and by the way, come see my new book review blog. Isn’t it pretty? I need followers there, too.


Okay, now carry on.


~Nicole Ducleroir~ said...

I loved Julie and Julia! And, like so many of us, I acted on the inspiration of the movie and launched my blog. It's so true -- validation feels good, and nothing does that faster in the blogosphere than commenting and following. Which reminds me, I haven't been by in forever. So sorry! Have you changed your blog background? I lurve it to pieces!

Hope you have a fun weekend planned. Enjoy!

Christine Fonseca said...

I totally hear ya! I LOVE traffic on the blog...but comments...COMMENTS mean the world to me!
Everytime I see my comments dwindle I start to think, man, i guess I didn't connect with the readers today...dangitall...

Taffy said...

I hate when I find myself checking my blog for the 5th well, 6th okay 7th time in one day :)

Angie said...

I've had that movie recommended by several people now. I must go see it. I know just what you mean about comments and followers. It's like some kind of addiction!

Carolyn V. said...

I still haven't seen that movie. I've got some serious catch up to do. I agree, we all need the love. =

Tristi Pinkston said...

This link is not taking me to your book review blog, I'm sorry to say!

I did love that movie - I watched it just last week.