Monday, May 31, 2010

In Which I Met Wesley and the Ghostbusters

That is, Wesley from the Princess Bride. And the real live Ghostbusters, not the ones from the movie.

Yes, his name really is Wesley, which would have been amusing if he’d been just a guy dressed up like the real Wesley. Lucky for me, he really was the real Wesley, on his way to save his fiancĂ©, Buttercup, from the clutches of the evil what’s-his-name. Darn. You can't see his really awesome fancy sword. I’m pretty sure it’s real, though.

These guys, on the other hand, spent the weekend roving the halls of the Salt Lake City Radisson, protecting authors, gamers, and other medieval guests from paranormal invasion. Their equipment is state of the art, with lots of switches and flashing lights. They even let me try the beam thingy. Don’t worry, I was careful. But I didn’t catch a ghost. Those guys are so good at their job, there were no ghosts to be found. Although, I did see a couple vampires.

One of the Ghostbuster guys even fed me a lame pick up line. “Wanna hold my gun?” Totally in character. Or was it? *shrugs* Do lines like that work on anyone? I didn’t think so. But I was amused, as he intended.

This is what happens when sci-fi / fantasy authors and fans converge in the same place, otherwise known as a CONduit, or CON. I went this weekend. As you can see, it was lots of fun. Hung with a few old (but not “old”) author friends, made a few new ones, and learned…hm. I’m not sure. But I saw some really cool stuff. Don’t you agree? Yeah. I love being an author.

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CL Beck, author said...

Sounds like you had a good time. And "The Princess Bride" is one of my favorite movies, so I should have gone just to meet Wesley and Princess Buttercup!