Sunday, March 14, 2010

Launches and Contests and Parties, Yipee!

I don't sleep much some nights. Mostly I think this is because my brain doesn't like to shut down, no matter how tired my body is. As it happens, last night, I was lying in bed trying to get all those voices and thoughts to just **SHUT UP!** when it occurred to me that I promised to blog about all the book launches happening in March, but never followed through. My bad. I'm sorry!Gonna take care of that right now.

The worst part is that by not posting before now, I missed posting about two big parties. Luckily, I did make it to the one this past Saturday--but I missed a triple on Friday *frown, sigh, whaaa* thanks to my kids--where I had the opportunity to visit with my good friend Rachelle Christensen. Her book, Wrong Number is now available wherever LDS books are sold, and I'm so excited for her. You can read my review of this book here, or check back on Monday, March 15th to read an interview with Rachelle.

The next launch is a biggie, and one you don't want to miss. Valor Publishing Group is throwing a massive launch party to celebrate five March releases. Two of these books are by critique group friends of mine, Tristi Pinkston with Secret Sisters

and Kimberly Job with I'll Know You by Heart,

and one is by another close author friend, Karen Hoover, who is finally releasing the long anticipated The Sapphire Flute.

I just adore all these ladies and their work. In addition, Daron Fraley is celebrating the release of his long anticipated book, The Thorn,

as well as publishing veteran Michelle Ashman Bell, who is releasing Summer in Paris.

Now, just so you know, these people really know how to throw a party! They'll have live entertainment by Shaun Barrows, cake, door prizes, and all kinds of other fun activities that are sure to liven your boring Tuesday night. The party is this Tuesday, March 16th from 6-8:30 pm at Barnes and Noble in the Gateway Mall, Salt Lake City, UT.

Pshew. That makes my little launch party sound minor in comparison. But while I don't have Shawn Barrows, I could always stand on a table and belt a show tune at the top of my lungs. Or maybe I'll talk one of my kids into playing the Ukulele. You never know. And I will have cake. Or at least cookies. And door prizes, and other stuff too. Oh, and books, lots of books which you can buy and which I will sign for you and let you have your picture taken with me even. You know, if you want. Because I'm nice like that. It's going to be a blast. All the cool people will be there. (Except Heather and Rachelle who are otherwise engaged and send their regrets--they're still cool in my book.)

Once again, my launch is happening on Saturday, March 27th from 1-3pm at Eborn Books in the Provo Towne Center mall. The store is on the upper level, about three or four stores down from Dillards. And if by some strange chance you happened to forget, this is my book.

And now, news about the blog tour and contest. Yes, I'm having one, and yes, it's going to be loads of fun. The prizes aren't quite as big as the Office Box giveaway, but you know, I can only give away so much in one month. Here's the thing. This post is already pretty long. So...

I'm going to put all the contest information into another post, and schedule it for later this evening. Keep watching for it! And then tomorrow, I'll be interviewing my good friend Rachelle Christensen. You know, the one who's book, Wrong Number launched Saturday. Yeah, her. Going to be way fun.

Stay tuned.


L.T. Elliot said...

I'm looking forward to BOTH those launch parties! Congratulations, Nichole! =]

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks, L.T.! I hope to see you there.