Saturday, February 13, 2010

Things I Love, Day 6: Romance and Firsts

I'm feeling a bit melancholy right now. My oldest son, now sixteen, went on his first "official" date today. He asked a girl to the Valentine dance, ordered her a corsage, bought flowers and made dinner plans all by himself. Seeing him be giddy with excitement--wait, maybe giddy isn't the right word. Well, anyway, he's been so excited, that I can't help but remember my own first date, and what it felt like to experience those independent, yet romantic stirrings for the first time.

The heady rush of adrenaline, the fluttering of nerves in my stomach, the tongue-tied conversation lulls that create awkward moments--these are the things I remember. There are a lot of things I've long since forgotten about those first experiences--that dating rite of passage--but the incredible feeling of firsts, that is something I don't think we ever forget. Or at least, I don't.

Firsts--be they good or bad experiences--are definitely worth remembering. Your first date, your first kiss, your first love...these are the important moments that make up our lives. The life experiences that have molded us into who we are today.

And right now, my son is one step closer to grown up. **sniff**

But just because first dates are romantic doesn't mean the second, third, fourth and 1553rd time can't be as well. Even for those people who have been married for lots of years--sometimes more so for them. Granted, it does take some effort from both people, but romance is everywhere. There's romance in the small gestures like a husband surprising his wife by doing the dishes before she realizes it. Or a wife making a well-loved dinner for her husband when he's had a particularly bad day.

Or flowers. Sorry, guys, but bringing flowers home out of the blue--I don't care who she is, your significant other will go all soft and mushy inside over that. It doesn't matter if she isn't a big fan of flowers. It's the thought that counts, and the whole idea that your man had the impulse, that he was thinking of you and had the urge to buy you flowers just because. That is just romantic as...heck. (Sorry, this blog is PG.) 

I love romance. Adore it. I think that might be part of the reason why I love things like moonlight, soft music, and waves crashing on the beach. Life can be romantic if we let it.

And since tomorrow is Valentine's day, it's the one day of the year, we should all allow our lives and ourselves to be romantic. Do those small, thoughtful things for each other. Because, hey, everyone needs romance every once in a while.

Okay, time for me to go taxi my son and his date from the dance. Heaven give me the strength to look away while he walks her to the door!


Carolyn V. said...

My oldest went to his first dance a few weeks ago. I was more nervous than he was!

I hope his date went well. Happy Valentines Nichole! =)

Kimberly Job said...

Did you peek? I can so relate. My oldest two are in the same stage. It's fun but scary to see how much they are growing up.

Nichole Giles said...

Nope, I did not peek. I actually made my husband take them home, since I'd been at a conference all day and was exhausted. But...I might have.

I love watching my kids grow up, and hate that it's inevitable. You know?

But it must've gone well, since he's been in the best mood all day today. That's got to be a good sign, right?

Thanks ladies!