Thursday, January 7, 2010

Take a Guess While I'm Gone

I’m out of town this week, so I hope you aren’t anxiously waiting for a new blog from me. Before I leave, though, I couldn’t help but sharing a few things with you, my faithful readers.

First, The Sharp Edge of a Knife is right now at the typesetter, which means it will be going to print very soon, which means I will be scheduling a launch party as soon as I get back in town. Yahoo!

Second, check out the cover! As soon as I get home I’m going to get to work planning the launch party, so watch for more info on that to come.

Here’s the blurb:

The hand gripping my shoulder clenched, holding me tighter against the back of the seat. “I said, pull over,” Gayle demanded. “I’ve used this knife before, and I will not hesitate to use it again.” 

When Mel Petersen leaves for work on the morning of February 7, 1958, he has no idea what awaits him. A few miles from his house, Mel picks up a pair of young men who appear to be college students, hoping to prevent them from having to walk in the cold. What Mel doesn’t know is that the men are actually convicts on the run, who are desperate to get away by any means necessary.

When one of his passengers holds a knife to Mel’s throat, he has no choice but to submit to the demands of the criminals. Mel hopes he has what it takes to talk his captors into letting him live so he can return to his wife and children, but fears they will kill him before he has the chance.

Based on a true story, The Sharp Edge of a Knife follows Mel and his captors on an unforgettable ride that will have you questioning the depth of your faith and sitting on the edge of your seat as it grabs your attention from the first sentence and keeps you riveted until the very end.

Third, I want to have a contest while I’m gone this week. So… On both of my current books, I’ve used the initials D.N.Giles for my author name. You all know what the N stands for, but I’ve had lots of questions about the D. Here’s the deal. You have one chance to guess my first given name (one that is on my birth certificate but to which I have never answered, nor will I ever—that means you, Keith!). Email me your guess sometime between now and January 15th, and the person who comes up with the correct answer gets a prize. I’m not sure what yet, but it’ll be good, I promise.

If more than one person guesses the right name, I’ll put all the correct entries into my random generator and draw the winner that way. Unless there are only two correct answers, in which case I may just give away two prizes.

Don't put your guesses in a comment though, or you might hurt your chances of winning. Family members are not eligible to enter this contest, since you've known me forever and already should know the answer. Sorry!

How does that sound? Good? Great! Good luck with your guesses and keep writing!

*This week I've also blogged at LDS Writer's Blogck and Writing Fortress. Check out my posts there as well.


Carolyn V. said...

How cool Nichole! I can't wait to read your book! =)

Linda Garner said...

I love your cover, Nichole. Who designed it, and who is your publisher? Linda Garner

Nicole said...

I'm excited for the new book! I guess I can not partcipate in the contest, since I already know your first name. Have fun on your trip, you will love it! I'm jealous you get to get out of this yucky weather and air quality. Enjoy!

Kimberly Job said...

For some reason, I think I should know the answer. Hmmm???? Thinking.

Jodi Brown said...

I have actually wondered that myself! I feel like I should know, but I don't. My guess is Dawn. :)

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations, Nichole! Lovely cover and I'm very happy for you. I'll refrain from the contest since you total me the answer last year at Storymakers.

Nichole Giles said...

Hey, L.T., if you remember from last year, go ahead and make a guess!


PS Hi everyone! Thanks for the comments.

Tess said...

Hi, Nichole! It was fun meeting you last night. CONGRATS on having your novella looks very intriguing :D

Can't wait to hear about the launch info ... I'm always up for a party!

Mary Campbell said...

Oh I was about to guess and then I saw that the contest is over. Well here's my guess anyway = Darlene. So fun to hang with you and your book sounds really great. Love the cover and the title.

Kimberly Job said...

My guess is Diane.