Thursday, January 21, 2010

A Party Made of Wicked Awesomeness

And Other Random Things

In case you have forgotten or didn’t already know, Thursday is my day to blog over at LDS Writer’s Blogck. My post today is about a writer’s journey being an uphill climb. I posted some great pictures with it, so if you have a minute, click here to check it out. You won’t be sorry, promise.

Also, last week I attended a party made of wicked awesomeness, and I’ve been so overwhelmed with getting back into the groove after my vacation with the family, that I’ve been remiss in blogging about it. Which is totally my bad, since I really, truly had a fabulous time and was so excited that when the list of authors was put together, my name ended up on it. Makes me feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Suzzette and Elana put it together, Elana being the party planning goddess of the Sith Lord Variety (find the explanation of the Sith Lord thing on Elana’s post here), and Suz being the hostess who rearranged her entire house just so we could all hang together. (She must have a very buff furniture-moving-type husband who didn’t mind that his wife kicked him out of the house for the night.) Those two are da’ bomb, I tell ya!

I had a fab time hanging with some authors I already know, and meeting a bunch more who will now expand my ever-growing circle of writing comrades. Plus, there was food. And prizes. And games that had us all laughing until we cried. So. Much. Fun.

Check us out, toasting to our own awesomeness with sparkling cider.

Right to left, standing:L.T. Elliot, Mary Campbell, Me (in the pink sweat shirt), Alaina Evans, Elana Johnson, Angie Lofthouse, Carolyn Vawdrey, Michelle Argyle, Suzzette Saxton, Windy Aphayrath.

Kneeling:Jenn Wilks, Tess Hilmo, Ali Cross, Natalie Whipple

You’ll notice that every one of these ladies has that something special glowing in her eyes, that little spark that says, “I’m going to be big someday.” And I know it’s absolutely true. So check out all their blogs and websites, and become a follower and all that jazz. You know how writers love fans and followers.

Wait. Somehow, that statement makes me sound like the Pied Piper. Yikes. But I’m not. I promise.

Cue creepy Star Wars-type music.

*Waves hand in a half circular motion.* You will become a follower.

End music.

Anyhoo… on my personal writing journey, another hurdle has been jumped. The Sharp Edge of a Knife went to press today. Should be available sometime around January 31st. Yahoo! Excited, nervous, excited, nervous, happy. I think. Now I should probably get to the part where I plan my launch party. That will be my major task for Friday. That, and finishing up the Sharp Edge website.

In my plan for the New Year, I’ve decided that if I plan one major task each day, maybe I’ll accomplish that one thing and then a few smaller ones. So far, it’s kind of working. Who knew?


Nisa said...

What a great party! It sounds fabulous! And how exciting/nerve-wracking for you! *grin* Jan 31st is just around the corner!

Elana Johnson said...

Aw, thanks Nichole! I'm glad you came fresh off your vacay to HI.

And congrats on going to press today!

Carolyn V. said...

It was an awesome party!!!! I loved it.

I can't wait to read your book. I am already so curious from everything you've said. Soon I will have the book in my hands. mwa ha ha! I can't wait!

WindyA said...

It was great getting to know you a little better Nichole! The party was a blast!

Looking forward to the book!

Angie said...

It was so fun to meet you Nichole. Congrats on your book coming out! That's very exciting.

Jodi Brown said...

Looks like so much fun! I am very excited for your next book! Congrats again!

L.T. Elliot said...

Congratulations on your book release! I can't wait for you! (And me, to read it!)

It was a really fun party and I loved getting to know everyone better. Can't wait until we do it again!

Nichole Giles said...

Yep, we're definitely going to have to do it again. And I vote soon. I'm totally excited about the book. The printer is now predicting Feb 4th, but I'm still being optimistic.

Still, it's hard to plan a launch when the date keeps changing.