Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Cool Conferences and a Contest Winner

I think I'm on a roll! I've blogged so much this week, it's almost like I'm not getting any writing done. Shoot. I'm not. But I have a good excuse, and blogging isn't it.

Remember? I sent my book to press last week. So. There. Got something big and important done. Oh, and I also ordered more bookmarks for Mishaps since we'll be appearing to sign at some bookstores and conferences in upcoming weeks.

Speaking of conferences, February is a good month for them. I will be attending two, and am totally psyched for both of them. I could tell you all about both of them, but instead I've decided to paste the information below. With links in case you have questions. Come. Learn. Visit with me. It'll be so fun!

Except before I forget, I had a contest last week. Actually, it was two weeks ago and no one won, so I ran it again. Do you remember? Yep, my first name to which I will never answer, sign, or otherwise use except as an initial.

Contrary to popular belief, the reason for this is not because I hate my first name, but rather because I've never in my life actually used it. Ever. Except on my wedding invitations. Which was a mistake. The proof of this is burned into the cover of our family hymnbook. A gift from the groom's extended family, obviously. I digress. And the winner is...

Chelsea!  *clapclapclapclapcheerjump-up-and-down-clapclapclapcheer* Chelsea doesn't know me in person, but she guessed the name Debra. Which, according to my birth certificate, is correct.

Chelsea has won this really awesome wooden bookmark from Hawaii. Cute, huh? Chelsea, please email your mailing information to me at nickigiles at gmail dot com, and I'll get this sent this week.

Now, back to the conferences. The first conference is called Life, The Universe and Everything and is held at BYU in the Wilkenson Center. Here are the important dets:

Shoot. It won't paste in. Let me try this again.

Okay, I'll type it. Feb 11-13 at BYU.
Attendance is FREE! (yes, I said free, so you have no excuse not to come.)
Click here to find out more, since it won't paste in. But here are the guests of honor:


of Honor:

(author of the Mistborn Trilogy, the Alcatraz books

and the new Wheel of Time books)

(Special Effects Wizard)

Formerly with ILM, now with Kerner Studios.

(Thursday Only)
(Yes. we jave pme, but we’re finalizng a few details)

Did you catch that? James C. Christensen. The artist whose work I LOVE. I wonder if he'll draw me a fairy? If he does, maybe I'll get it tatooed somewhere. But don't tell him that. =) 

Okay, the next totally awesome and way fun conference is in Arizona. But inexpensive enough to warrant me buying a plane ticket to get there. Yahoo! 

This one will paste so here it is:

All local writers are invited to this year's ANWA Writer's Conference. It’s one of the best in the west, with some very big names in the business.  The cost is about a third of most other writer's conferences.

The 2010 ANWA Writer’s Conference
“Start Write Now”
Saturday, February 27, 2010
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
Dobson Ranch Inn,
1666 South Dobson Road
Mesa, Arizona 85202-5699

Open to all writers on this or any other planet

 Register at

Discounted Hotel reservations available on the above registration site or by calling Dobson Ranch Inn directly at 480-831-7000 or 1-800-528-1356 http://www.dobsonranchinn.com/

Keynote Speaker
 J. Scott Savage
Author of the "Farworld" Series

Aprilynne Pike
New York Times best-selling Author of “Wings”

Doug Johnston
Publicist Extraordinaire

Nancy E. Turner
Author of “These is My Words”

Dr. Pamela Goodfellow
Writing Coach, Editor
and Owner of Goodfellow Publishing Services

Sara Fujimura
Author and Magazine Writer

Helen Bair
Counselor and Author of
“Finding the Healer in Me”

Marsha Ward
Author of the “Owen Family” Series

Book signings at end of conference

Early Registration 
General Public:  $75 before February 7, 2010
ANWA Members $60
After Feb. 7 add $5

Cost includes Catered Lunch

For questions contact, the ANWA 2010 Conference Chair Person, Cindy R. Williams at cindywilliams@q.com or Conference Registrar, Krista Darrach at kristadarrach@yah

I hope to see you there! I have a signing table, so come buy my books or just introduce yourself and let's be friends.


Mary Campbell said...

My sister's name is Debbie - now that I think about it I'm not sure if it's short for Deborah or Debra. Anyway I like the name for her, but I'm glad it's not mine. It has an old fashioned feel to it.

Nisa said...

Oh man! This makes me wish I still lived in Utah. What awesome conferences! Someday I'll get to one.

Carolyn V. said...

Debra? Really? I would have never guessed. Oh, I love the conferences! I hope you have fun at the one in Arizona. You will have to let us know how that one goes. =)

Elana Johnson said...

Fun! I hope you have a great time in AZ. I'll see you at LTUE.

L.T. Elliot said...

See you at LTUE! (Sadly, not in Arizona.) Congratulations to Chelsea!
Can't wait for your book release!

Nichole Giles said...

Okay, ladies, I'll see you at LTUE for sure! I'm excited for Arizona, and hope there are a few people there who I know.

I should either buy my plane ticket now, or decide to drive once and for all.


Danyelle Ferguson said...

Debra? That is so not you. I definitely like Nichole better. =)

Keith Fisher said...

For some reason I thought I should know that. I thougth I knew your name. I was wrong, however, blows me away. I like Nichole better also. thanks for the info about the conferences. I wish I could go to Arizona but its not in the cards.

Nichole Giles said...

Bummer Keith. Well, at least I'll see you at some of the other conferences this year. Right?