Friday, November 20, 2009

Author Interview: Heather Justesen, author of "The Ball's In Her Court"

by Nichole Giles

Today I’m hanging out with my good friend Heather Justesen, author of new release, The Ball’s In Her Court. Heather has graciously agreed to answer my questions of the year and give us some insight into the life of a soon-to-be bestselling author.

NG: Hi Heather thanks for taking the time to share with us. We’re so excited to learn more about you. So, getting straight to the point, what’s your favorite flavor of ice cream? Today, my new favorite is Ben and Jerry’s Key Lime Pie.

HJ: Farr's Brownies on the Moon is my all-time favorite. Chocolate ice cream with brownie chunks swirled with marshmallow--it's so yum!

NG: Yeah, that does sound good. I haven’t had that one, but maybe I should try it. Might be a good one to eat while reading. Speaking of reading, who is your current favorite author? (Besides yourself or me, since everyone already knows we’re both awesome.)

HJ: I keep getting this question, and I simply don't have an answer. There are so many writers I totally love and have to read everything they write. Can I pick three with the understanding that they are on the not-so-short list with a bunch of others? Josi Kilpack, of course, and I really love Joyce DiPastena's historical romances. And I think Stephanie Fowers has some of the funniest books around. Do I have to stop at three?

NG: Probably best, yeah.

HJ: I do? Fine, if you insist.

NG: Thanks. That way we can move on and get to the next question, which is what’s your most favorite thing to do when you’re not writing?

HJ: You mean besides reading, right? Lately I've totally loved decorating cakes and cupcakes. I've spent hours online looking at them to come up with ideas even when I don't have anything that needs to be made. I'm currently rubbing my hands together with glee over the plans my sister and I have made for my mom's birthday cake--just because it'll be different than anything I've done yet.

Snuggling down with my husband to watch 'Chuck' is a pretty close second.

NG: I’ve seen some of your amazing cakes, and I have to agree, you’re extremely talented in that area as well. I bow to your cake decorating skills. Hey, maybe I’ll talk you into making my son a cake for his 16th birthday…

HJ: *staring with raised eyebrows.*

NG: Moving on. If you were an animal, what kind would you be and why?

HJ: This one could take some thinking. You know my love for birds, but I've always had this thing for whales too.... A flying fish? =)

NG: Yeah, well, you have to be a bird lover to own as much poultry as you do. And actually, I’ve heard of flying fish. I think they really exist. Or if not, I’ll write them into my next fantasy novel, just for you.

And speaking of fish and oceans, does your preference for flying fish mean you prefer pearls? Or are you more of a diamond girl?

HJ: You're making me think here. Even though I totally love the glitter of diamonds, I couldn't wear a necklace wreathed with them without feeling self-conscious. My pearls on the other hand, I wear all the time. Oh, and pearls do fit into my budget a LOT better.

NG: Both very good points. And really, we shouldn’t have to choose, right? Okay, so last question and then I’ll send you on your way to your next book signing. Name one or two power snacks that keep you going as you write.

HJ: Cupcakes! Actually, I don't have anything special I snack on while I write--it's hard to eat and keep both hands on the keyboard! But I've been tempted into removing one hand on many occasions by a variety of treats--most of them with chocolate as a major ingredient.

NG: I think chocolate is a side effect of creativity. Either that or it’s just really good. Heather, thanks so much for the visit, and a glimpse into your mind and what makes a romance author tick.

HJ: Thanks for the interview--it was fun!

To buy your copy of The Ball’s In Her Court, click here.

To learn more about Heather Justesen and her work, click here.

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L.T. Elliot said...

Really fun interview, Nichole. And Heather, I'm totally with you on the pearls. =]