Sunday, September 13, 2009

Fairies in My House?

It's Sunday evening, and I realize I haven't posted a blog here all week. I'd like to give a good excuse like I've been working on one of my books, or that I went on an awesome tropical vacation, or that I've accomplished a whole lot this week.

I can't even say I'm all caught up on my laundry, or that I shampooed my carpet or anything--that would be fiction, not fact. Darn. Anyone who wants to come over and do those things for me is totally welcome. Just be forewarned that my pile of clean-but-unfolded laundry is nearly as tall as me.

So, where have I been? Um, really, just hanging out, being the mom. In my defense, I wrote about half a chapter in Cursed and did get some cleaning done this week--and it was so desperately needed I can't even tell you. I peeled, cut, and froze a bucket of peaches, and picked and froze lots and lots of raspberries. Oh, and I've been doing some reading. I'll be reviewing several books in the next few weeks, so keep watching. This Wednesday is my tour stop for Rachel Ann Nunes's upcoming release of "Saving Madeline," and soon after that, I'll be reviewing "Alma" by H.B. Moore. (Both excellent and extremely well written books, BTW.) So, watch for those reviews and some possible contests and giveaways.

Also, I now have a fan group on Facebook, so come on out and join me there.

The good news of the week: Both my girls (and their teams) won their soccer games and we're heading into tournaments with lots of possibilities, all my kids are becoming quite skilled at both piano and guitar, and my oldest son didn't wreck my car when we went out driving this weekend. (Let's all sigh in relief together.)

More good news: When my refrigerator went out, it somehow luckily turned out that the compressor (an expensive, major part, I'm told) was under warranty, even after five years. Hooray! And when the speedometer on our truck decided to become stuck (sometimes on zero, others on one hundred twenty) that turned out to be recalled, and so is also under warranty. Apparently, I have a community of fairies living in my house because they're taking good care of me these days.

I wonder if they now expect some kind of thank you gift? Hm. I'll have to think about that.

Anyway, even though I haven't posted anything worth reading here, I still always meet my deadlines on the other blogs on which I participate. I blogged here last Thursday, and here Monday the 14th.

Have a wonderful week, and write on.


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