Sunday, June 21, 2009

Book Review: "Agent In Old Lace" by Tristi Pinkston

By Nichole Giles

About the book:

Shannon Tanner has it all, a perfect family, perfect job, perfect boyfriend—or so she thinks. What Shannon doesn’t know is that her boyfriend, Mark, is stealing money from her father and making money doing it. When Shannon learns Mark’s secret, he turns on her, and Shannon’s life abruptly goes from perfect to perilous.

In an effort to protect Shannon, the FBI assigns their only female agent to go undercover as her personal bodyguard. But when the agent gets injured the day before the assignment, they turn to the next best thing: their top agent, Rick Holden—in a dress.

Life seems safe again for Shannon with Rick by her side and Mark apparently gone for good. Then Shannon gets word that her best friend has been kidnapped, and it becomes clear that Mark isn’t going to stop any time soon. Shannon realizes the only way to save herself and her friend—and stop Mark once and for all—is by sending Rick, her only source of protection, away. Can Rick save Shannon before it’s too late?

My Take:

I have to be honest. This is not my first experience with a Tristi Pinkston book. And while her only other published novels are historical fiction, the switch from historical to humorous romantic suspense seemed like a natural transition to me. That might sound crazy, unless you know Tristi personally. She just has that many facets—humor being a prominent, shiny one for her.

From the first line of the book, Tristi had me hooked. “Shannon Tanner felt as though she’d stepped into a Fortune 500 magazine…” And the story takes off from there, launching right into the main conflict—Shannon’s seemingly perfect boyfriend gone a little postal and throwing all sense of religion out the window by trying to murder Shannon and keep millions of dollars stolen from her father. In steps the hunky FBI agent, Rick Holden—and well, you’re going to have to read to know the rest. I’ll give you a hint, though…the plan involves pantyhose, a wig, and lipstick—but not for Shannon.

Tristi delivers romantic suspense with a humorous twist in this not-so-classic thriller. It was a delightful read, one that kept me up—on the edge of my seat, or, okay, bed—until three a.m. so I could get to the conclusion.

More honesty: I was one of the lucky people who got to read this book before it went to print. (Look for my name in the acknowledgements!) I loved it the first time I read it (yep, that was the three a.m. time) and the second time—bound and covered—as well. This is one of those books you can read over and over again and enjoy even more each time.

“Agent in Old Lace” rates a five out of five on Nichole’s Diamond Scale.

To purchase your copy of “Agent in Old Lace” by Tristi Pinkston, check out your local Deseret Book, or click here.

To learn more about the author, click here.

INSIDER TIP: Tristi will be launching another book this October. “Secret Sisters” is the first in a series, and a definite MUST HAVE. Don’t miss Tristi’s next book—it’s absolutely hilarious!

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