Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Five Random Things

By Nichole Giles

1. My eleven-year-old daughter is the candy-keeper in our house. We buy her bags of candy (to replace all the candy my husband and I eat while she’s at school) and she dumps it all in a basket, then doles it out to the family whenever she thinks we need it. (Which is all the time for some of us, and her timing is usually perfect. She must be psychic or something.)

2. Our youngest dog—who by all accounts is technically still a puppy—is going through a digging phase, right in time for garden planting season. Yipee! She’s spending a lot of time locked in the kennel lately, which breaks my heart—but not enough to let her destroy my veggies.

3. I decided the other day that my new vacation goal for the future is to visit Italy, or more specifically, Rome. Well, that’s not definite. I’d really love to see Venice as well. Both seem like such romantic places, filled with rich history and incredible art.

4. It’s impossible for me to fill out forms (including Facebook quizzes) that include the question: What is your favorite book. How in the heck am I supposed to choose just one? It would be easier for me to tell what I’m currently reading, or post a picture of my overflowing bookshelf or something. I love them all, and for different reasons. The ones I don’t love don’t stay in my mind long enough to matter, and the rest have their own special space on the bookshelf in my head.

5. I drove around town with my convertible top down yesterday, even though it rained a little bit. Seriously, you don’t even really get wet if you’re going faster than fifteen miles an hour. Not that I would’ve minded if I did. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. That car was way cheaper than therapy!

I finally got an iPhone last month, and can I just say, I love it! It’s like a pocket computer—minus the keyboard. I mean, it has a keyboard, but there’s no way I could type an entire book on it—or could I? Hm. I may have to try that…

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Cindy Beck said...

Fun things to learn about you. Are you posting them because you got tagged, or because you just feel like it?