Thursday, February 19, 2009

Twenty-Five Random Things You Didn't Know About Me--TAG!

Okay fine! I played this game on facebook a couple of weeks ago, and now I’ve been tagged on Blogger. And because I adore the people who keep tagging me, I can’t ignore the game. But I hope no one minds if I cheat a bit and use some of the same answers.

And I’m not sure who of my friends have been tagged so…I’m going to take a chance and tag Ashley Harward, Molly Bailey, Carolyn Vawdrey, L.T. Elliot, Heather Justesen, Keith Fisher, Kim Thompson, Tristi Pinkston, and Rebecca Talley. Not anywhere near twenty-five, but that’s about everyone I can imagine MIGHT not have already been tagged.

For those of you who don’t know, here are the rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose some other people to tag. Make sure you let those people know they’ve been tagged so they can’t pretend they didn’t see it. =)

1. I went to my very first Jazz game last month. It was actually fun. Since my kids started playing, I’ve grown to enjoy basketball.

2. While I was there, I realized that though a few years ago I would have thought to bring my boys to watch basketball and my girls to see cheerleaders, the roles have now reversed. My girls would care much more about the game, and my boys would be much more interested in the cheerleaders.

3. When I was in sixth grade I read cheaper by the dozen and decided I was going to have twelve kids when I became a mom. I have since changed my mind in that department.

4. I have every intention of living in a beach house someday, though I haven’t yet decided on which island it will be located.

5. My first New York Times Bestseller is already in the one form or another.

6. I spent my entire high school career planning to be an actress when I grew up.

7. I believe in love at first sight.

8. I sang in Carnegie Hall when I was sixteen.

9. The beauty and diversity of our earth fascinates me, which is probably why I want to see all of it.

10. I have 11 siblings (though not all biological.) five parents and three living grandparents, six brothers-in-law, five sisters-in-law, eighteen nieces and nephews, one great-nephew (crazy, huh?) and two more on the way. How’s that for family connections?

11. I can't even count my cousins, on either side. Seriously. (But my cousin Kelly claims on her list of 25 that we have 140 cousins on my dad’s side…and counting.)

12. I sleep with a fan or white noise maker. Too much quiet keeps me awake. (Ocean waves hitting a beach or ship also work extremely well.)

13. Music is best when playing full blast.

14. I don't have a favorite type of music--I love it all, and choose it according to my mood.

15. I believe we create our own karma--what goes around comes around, and we reap what we sow. (How totally cliché' is that?) And in this same vein, I think positive thinking will get you farther than anything else in life.

16. I'd rather read than sleep. I'd also rather write than sleep.

17. My girlfriends save my life every month. (Partly by keeping me sane.) And I have a handful of friends for whom I would do anything.

18. My favorite food is snow crab--but I'm not picky. I'll try almost anything once. Almost.

19. I've spent my entire life studying (and working) the art of retail sales, fashion merchandising, esthetics, and makeup artistry only to discover I'm really a writer. Oh, and I also studied health when I was a manager for HealthRider, and have stayed in good shape ever since.

20. I also meant to be a rock star someday, but that was before the days of American Idol. Now I'm too old. But I do a mean impression of one in the bathroom and on my kids’ karaoke machine.

21. I have a Utah State license in Massage Therapy and Esthetics--but have never actually worked as either a massage therapist or an esthetician. I did work as a makeup artist for a while, and it was fun. But as I mentioned earlier, I'm really a writer at heart.

22. I’m a sucker for a good romance—real life, movie, book—you name it, I’ll take it. Right now I’m watching “Nights in Rodanthe” for the first time. I hear it’s phenomenal.

23. Jewelry sucks me in like a vacuum. I can't resist, and so I usually don't. Sparkly things make me happy. =) (But flowers never hurt either.)

24. Broadway musicals make me cry. My heart thumps, and I'm incredibly moved by the beauty and wonder of what's happening in front of my eyes. It's amazing.

25. My first book, a humor anthology, will be published this October, and I hope to have a second one accepted this year as well. The question is, which one?


Karen Hoover said...

I loved hearing more about you. I didn't know you had a license in massage. On a funny note, I have a niece named Nichole who did this same tag a few weeks ago and the whole time I read it I thought she was you! It wasn't until I got all the way to the end I figured out it was my niece and then I had to go back and read the whole thing again with her in mind. Made me shake my head at myself. You'd think I would have noticed the last name or something . . . . Hope to see you tomorrow at LTUE.

G. Parker said...

Cute stuff, Nichole! It's fun to learn more about you. I think the sound of the ocean or a ship is the best way to sleep...grin.

Cindy Beck said...

Fun list. Thanks for posting it! (It's always fun to learn more about our friends.)

Christine Bryant said...

Carnegie Hall? Wow, I'm impressed. Would have liked to hear that and see it. Glad I could get to know you better with this tag, so cool.


Nasty Butler said...

I posted my own 25 on my general blog. :) I think you can find it by clicking on my name.